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Kunming Be Queen Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Belangrijkste producten:Gezichtsverzorging/haargroei/oogverzorging/serum/masker, bodylotion/douchegel/zeep/scrub/etherische olie
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    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! The supplier is full of promises she doesn't keep after, see screens! I first asked behind samples and she wouldn't send them to me. She said order directly 200 pieces with your own logo on them and I promise you good results and if there are no results you can return them, see pictures with those calls! Me and 4 more people we went to try this on 1 eye and on other eye the Nanolash, on the eye with the serum I was sent, we all got sick eye, see picture!!! I said I didn't think the reaction on our eyes was normal but I am going to keep using to see if I see results, after a certain amount of time I didn't see any results at all as promised and indicated I would like to return these things and all of a sudden it couldn't be done? She has been ignoring me ever since! As if it is not bad enough I got broken tubes, see picture. Plus she has lied that she is the supplier of Nanolash but that is not true. im still waiting for my money!!

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    1)The customer complained about many small details before receiving the goods, but after receiving the goods she felt very satisfied and mentioned that if there was no effect after a 30day trial, the product would be returned to her. But the customer received the goods on December 17, 2023. I dont know when he started trying the goods. He started asking for a refund on the 28th, 2023. There was no mention of return at that time. The customer asked for a refund or replacement with something else. of goods. If you no longer have confidence in the quality of our products, I don't think you should think of asking for other goods.2)This product is the customer's brand. It has been basically modified about 30 times according to the customer's requirements and has been delivered to the customer on time. We have been selling this product for almost 8 years, and the reorder rate from customers exceeds 85. The sales of the product are also very good. We hope that customers will take the product
    22 Jan 2024
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    B-Queen Big Breast Cream helpt je zelfvertrouwen te herstellen door je borstomvang te vergroten en te verstevigen, snel werkend, zonder kant
    B-Queen Breast Enlarge Cream helpt je om binnen 20 dagen vollere, stevigere en grotere borsten te krijgen, geen bijwerking, je zelfvertrouwen weer op te bouwen
    B-Queen Breast Cream is ontworpen voor alle mensen die dromen van het hebben van sexy borsten. 10-20 dagen kunnen effect zien, permanent effect, veilig te gebruiken
    Gezichtsverzorging set ontworpen voor alle huidtypes, voor gezicht witter en lichter, pigmentatie verminderen en donkere vlekken verlichten, direct effect zien
    Snel effect huidbleekcrème is ontworpen voor het bleken en verlichten van de donkere huid, zonder bijwerkingen, en kan op het hele lichaam worden gebruikt.
    De permanente lichaamscrème van het witmakende effect, helpt om pigmentatie en de fijne lijn te verminderen, 10-14 dagen kan effect zien, geschikt voor alle huidtypes
    Muti-functie gezichtsserum voor alle huidprobleembehandeling kan alleen worden gebruikt en kan ook worden gebruikt met uw favoriete gezichtscrème. Lage MOQ met OEM
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